The Call to Holiness

Prophecy - An Introduction

On this website it is our sole purpose to edify (build, establish, instruct), exhort (urge) and comfort the body of Christ. It is not to exalt any individual's office or giftings, nor to publish the greater content of prophecy given to the Gateway To Freedom's Assembly.


The Call to Holiness

A prophecy encouraging the body of Yeshua to release fleshy pride and stand fast in hope.

A vision of a believer being led to a boiling volcanic abyss and encountering a dark angel gave rise to this Word of the Lord.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

On this evening as my wife and I were talking at the dinner table, we were interrupted as the Holy Spirit began to flood my being. The Lord was speaking about this being a time, and the start of - real change. This was not so much a prophetic word as it is an announcement.