Diminishment of the Word

On December 18, 2009 the Lord told me that the next thing that was coming forth in order to "deceive the very elect" and diminish their faith was an all out attack on the Word. By attacking the authenticity of parts (or books) of the Word, the enemy can make the elect and the entire world bring discredit to whole Word and the gospel.

This "all out attack" will, and has already been seen in an increasing attack both inside (within) and outside the church through so called, "scientific proof" (i.e. style comparisons), "genuine" archeological discovery, and Christian authority.

After receiving this word, I began to be shown proof of this renewed attack which will escalate over time.

U.S. News:

I felt that I was supposed to return to the magazine rack at our local grocery store and buy the U.S. News' special edition, "Mysteries of Faith" which I had seen on the shelf a few days before. I thought this quite odd and even questioned wasting money on its purchase (especially when I saw the price!). Never-the-less I was convinced it was His urging and went straight out and bought it – the last copy. Then, I had to read it to find out what I was supposed to find out!

I found out evidence of this renewed attack - disguised in this nationally distributed "special collectors edition" on faith! Not only did the article disparage the Catholic Church by writing about the papal succession of many scoundrels and heathen, it also had an article entitled "Scripture's Imposters" by Bart D. Ehrman. Interestingly enough the article doesn't tell us that Mr. Ehrman is a PhD in theology, pastor and prolific writer. In his latest book, JESUS, INTERRUPTED, Mr. Ehrman disparages the bible through history, purported internal contradictions, various theology discrepancies, forgeries, varying accounts of Jesus' life, etc., etc.

Additionally, the conclusion of the article in this national monthly magazine (circulation of 1.5 million and 4 plus million adult readers) is as follows:

"Of the 27 books of the New Testament, only eight almost certainly were written by the authors to whom they are traditionally ascribed: the seven undisputed letters of Paul and the Revelation of John."

Notice, the undermining of the basic gospel accounts from the affiliation of one who is supposedly "inside" and a medium that is "outside" – just as the Spirit's whisper said it was.


On January 10, 2010 MSNBC's science department featured the headline, "Egypt discovers workers' tombs near the pyramids." In subtlety, this article undermines the biblical story of Israel's enslavement and the associated biblical account. The head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass said, "Paid laborers, rather than the slaves of popular imagination built the Giza pyramids.". He supports his position by pointing to their lifestyle of beef consumption, supposedly supplied by nearby farms. He suggests that the proximity of workers' tombs' to the kings, give evidence to a voluntary work force of 10,000 men that worked in three month shifts. I find it curious to note that these graves were discovered in 1990 – 20 years ago! In other words, the release of this "finding" and attack on the Tanakh was twenty years in the making – almost immediately after Spirit of YHVH pronounced the forthcoming attack upon the Word.

Within the Body:

"In case that you ascribe this view to only the scholars outside the movement which the Ruach ha' Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has drawn you into, be reminded that just this past November one Messianic leaders said,

"The book of Hebrews should never have been put into the Canon of Scripture. It is the very ba-sis for replacement theology today. It is not the product of a first century Apostle. It is a product of a Greek churchman who wanted Hebrew believers to join him and leave Israel and the things of Israel."

Can we really cut off a foot of our faith (not only the book, but the position of Christ) and keep faith? Or could this be the allowance of the Spirit to drive New Testament Christians back to the Tanakh and the Torah? Don't forget that many other "inside scholars" would point out discrepancies in the Tanakh as well. In all of this oncoming so-called "revelation" it was the Spirit of God that led, showed and spoke to the early church which didn't have the New Testament nor many hard copies of the entire Tanakh for the individual's easy reference. Is it no wonder why we are directed to let the Spirit be our teacher? It is imperative that we listen only to Him for direction and confirmation.

Also, lest we forget – even in the past year there have been "genuine" antiquities from Jerusalem that have been proven to be hoaxes. When the next antiquity or supposed apostolic scroll comes forth to rattle your faith, remember that Satan is out to destroy your faith in YHVH's promises. The Truth of the Word has been under attack since the time of Paul when he states, in 1 John 4:3 that the spirit of antichrist is now already in the world.

Brethren, we must stand fast in the truth that He has given us and stiffen the resolve of our spirit and soul against these forthcoming attacks.

Randall Schroeder

1) Due to Associated Press copyright restrictions we are unable to post the article on this website, but you may read it here if you desire: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34794254/ns/technology_and_science-science/