Release Pride and Defend Hope

Release Pride and Defend Hope

via Randy Schroeder

The Spirit of the Lord says:

Children do not miss my time of visitation and grace. In these days of wilderness testings I am giving you strength to overcome the enemies of your soul. But many will miss me because of their own blind pride which keeps them from seeing and giving themselves wholly over unto me.

The trials are bringing forth the enemies in your midst. Will you not pray and acknowledge your own sin that I may send release unto your soul? This wilderness time is a time of desert heat unto purification only if you will bring me your living sacrifice. Will you not hear and receive the fullness of my desire for your destiny?

Submit your hearts and break your spirits open to me. Release! Allow the fullness of my spirit to work out your salvation. This is the day and now is the hour. Look up for your salvation is near – only hear and receive through the sacrifice given by my love.

The enemy will distract you by the outlandish and shocking, while really trying to steal the substance of your salvation – hope and faith. Do not become distracted in the every day "little"1 things of this world. Hold tight to my promises. Hold fast to hope.

I weep at your deafness, blindness and dumbness. I do not change and I must resist the pride that resists my will for your life. So hear, see and speak that you might be free for I love you and so want you to be in me and I in you in a brightness of a new way and power in your life.

* * *

While receiving the words of the fourth paragraph I "saw" this scene of a man who with his right hand grabbed at my fly telling me it was open, but with his left hand was going after my wallet. I realized what was happening, but had difficulty restraining him as he was as big as I and swifter. I understood that this personal affront/assault was an unexpected invasion in order to steal the substance of my living – my hope in the words of God.

So while the days ahead may shock our very identity and bring apparent significant turmoil to our lives, the Lord is encouraging us crucify our pride and to hold fast to our hope – i.e. faith.

Prophecy of 1/29/03


1 A comparative – They may be monumental in the flesh, but "little" in comparison to the hope of God's promises/salvation.