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Prophecy - An Introduction

On this website it is our sole purpose to edify (build, establish, instruct), exhort (urge) and comfort the body of Christ. It is not to exalt any individual's office or giftings, nor to publish the greater content of prophecy given to the Gateway To Freedom's Assembly.


Recent Word

I'm beginning to stir up that desire, that aching, that cry, that full flooding of your being - in desire for me.


The Word is being attacked both outside and inside the body of Messiah. This was the Spirit's warning and proofs that this trend will become greater and greater as apostasy increases.

Within a month of receiving the prophecy "Diminshment of The Word," Egyptian officials released "evidence" that the Isralite slaves did not build the pyramids as is commonly thought.

Another example of the attack on the Word is a Paleo Hebraic text found on a pottery shard places biblical time line (and thus YHVH's prophecies) in question.

When I was asked to visit with you today, I initially wanted to bring you a teaching on the four levels of Hebraic study and understanding out of the first chapter of a new booklet I'm writing. It has a working title of "The Gospel in God's Festivals" and wonderfully demonstrates God's salvation plan in multiple dimensions of understanding through God's appointed "feasts" or festivals.